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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Syphilis test requires 2 small drops of blood. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly. If there still isn't enough drops of blood to perform the test accurately, try massaging your finger to warm it up and increase blood flow by gently squeezing from hand to fingertip a few times.

After you perform the test following the instructions that come along with it, your results should appear within 15 minutes.

The duo test package is designed for two people to use separately. The tests are not reusable and can only be used once.

There is no 100% guarantee for any test done for any STD, even those done in a laboratory. Our test provide overall accuracy of 97.9%.

The herpes test we offer detects antibodies and uses blood samples that you get by pricking your finger (all items required are provided, as well as clear user instructions).

All of our tests are designed for both men and women.

Yes. All orders come with a neutral packaging. The only thing written on the envelope is the adress of the delivery company. The payment is also 100% anonymous and your bank statement will not show any mention of

Our herpes test as well as all our tests are CE approved and meet all european regulations. As for the FDA approval, the tests aren't sold in the USA, so FDA approval is not needed.